Fog Free Shower mirrors make sure that steam in your shower won't cloud the mirrors. They are not only practical but make a great design statement in any bathroom. Fog Free Shower Mirrors are available in various types like Designer, Travel and the most basic Value Mirrors.

Designer fog-free mirrors : Fog-free shower mirrors are widely available in designer styles to add an element of style to your bathroom.

Travel shower mirror : This travel sized shower mirrors can be used while travelling at places like hotels which are not guaranteed to have one.

Value mirrors : Most basic shower mirrors to fulfill your needs.

Fog Free Shower Mirrors can be used for shaving purpose also and thus serve a dual purpose, moreover they are available in various shapes & sizes and are very simple to install as well.

Enhanced with LED

Fog free shower mirrors with led make shaving in the shower easier than ever before as the LED lights illuminate the face to reveal every contour and patch of stubble. Moreover you can be on time with the inbuilt digital clock, in addition to it there is a razor blade holder, add-on shaving cream tray and suction cup mounts.

Some General Product Features:

  • For the closest, cleanest shave youve ever had
  • Stays clear even in the steamiest showers
  • Digital clock keeps you running on time
  • Built-in shaving cream caddy w/ razor holder
  • Fog-free design makes shaving in the shower easy
  • Your morning shower shave just got easier with this multi-tasking mirror